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through the enterprising spirit of two master craftsmen who decided to apply industrial methods to the local steelworking tradition.

Thanks to quality workmanship, SAIVER air handling units established their name on the market and began to win orders from local & overseas. These were complex and demanding installations, for industries like chemicals and watchmaking, where reliable products and clean air are critical. Production was continuously enhanced by close study of techniques in other sectors and assiduous testing of new ideas in the workshop.

Ideas like the sandwich panel, in which CFC FREE foam is injected under pressure between two steel laminated. A product of SAIVER search, this revolutionary technology was later adopted by other manufacturers.

SAIVER is also first to introduce aluminum, a material already adopted for internal components, to build its external housings, thereby setting a new standard for the whole industry.

To understand their needs and come up with the best possible answers, combining the craftsman's respect for quality with a scientific approach to innovation, each system is designed to offer efficiency and reliability, but also for simple installation and problem-free maintenance. Since 1980 computers have been used to select components and calculate production times and cost, using software specifically developed in-house by SAIVER. Information technology, whilst leaving complete freedom of decision making to SAIVER technicians, decidedly accelerates the process of detailed design engineering. Unique production techniques and rigorous choice of materials- stainless steel and aluminum alloys- ensure years of efficient operation even in adverse working conditions. A full range of test instrumentation to check every aspect of performance offer further guarantees of reliability, which is why SAIVER AHUs are installed over the world.

In addition to forty years' experience and know-how in the sector, SAIVER offers numerous guarantees of quality. From drawing board to final assembly, every component in a SAIVER air conditioning unit follows strict precision procedures, subject to rigorous quality control testing, in conformity with the ISO 9001 Total Quality System standards. Indeed, acquiring the latest ideas to perfect and improve processes and production is keystone to SAIVER philosophy.